"The World According to The Outlaw."
I'm Bri.
20. Artist. Christian. Cat Mom. Athens, GA

My artwork:
Gun Club Artist Collective.
Off to get burritos in the rain

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Off to get burritos in the rain

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“I have been told sometimes the most healing thing we can do is remind ourselves over and over and over other people feel this too.”

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bikesarestupid: Why you so cute?

I dunno, man. But if you think I’m cute, you should see my babe of a husband.

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Every inch of this stupid town reminds me of you.
The road passing your house, the late night route to your school, to dinner, to breakfast.
The coffee shop where I first realized that I would someday grow to love you.
The little piece of sidewalk where I bumped into you for the last time, the first time I recognized we’d never be the same.
Even my safest of places, you have infiltrated. The walls of my room, the pews of my church. You’re everywhere to me. And I’ve begun to believe that everyone here is simply just a slightly altered version of you. I have grown to hate every person I meet.
I have a tattoo on my right thigh to remind me that there are places that aren’t here, and I pray to God that someday I forget your name

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Beach Community by Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

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Modern Baseball- Charlie Black (x)


Modern Baseball- Charlie Black (x)

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Anonymous: you guys probably have like 3 years maybe left as a band until your sound is done with and you'll all be broke as fuck trying to get your live's back together. enjoy it while it lasts. most bands in this scene are fucked just like old gray, etc.


No shit

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Rory by Foxing
The Albatross


"So why don’t you love me back?"



Saturday. Criminal Records in Atlanta. Be there.

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Saturday. Criminal Records in Atlanta. Be there.
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